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Off the Beaten Track

When the suburbs and the city lose their appeal, off the beaten track might have the appeal!

It wasn’t as though Ruth had always been a recluse, but it suited her in more ways than one. A tiny squabble turned out to be a life changer. With her fiancé marching off after pointing out her faults Ruth was faced with her short comings. The words resonated loudly in her head and affected her to the core. Leaving her with a complex. To add insult to injury she became ill and totally withdrew herself from the world.

Michael and Ruth were childhood sweethearts who had big plans for the future. Michael knew what he had said to Ruth the day he marched off was out of line, hurtful, and totally wrong. Verbally cutting her down and finding fault with everything. But without her he was lost. A feeling that seemed to worsen as the days went by.

Michael hoped for a second chance with Ruth. He needed to make amends and apologize. But she seemed to have vanished off of the face of the earth. Would he ever get the chance again or would he pine for the rest of his life?