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Beneath the Scars

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Tom sat at the beach feeling blue. It was the only place that he went to sit and relax and let his tensions drift away. He sat and watched a young woman playing in the ocean. He admired her gorgeous figure and the way she stood in the water getting her jeans wet. Tom couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She didn’t have a care in the world. April let the water splash over her feet. It felt as if the little splashes were cleansing her. She slowly made her way back to her vehicle. April couldn’t take her eyes off of the gent sitting on the bench. He spoke to her as she walked by. She answered his question but slurred and wasn’t clear. He took offence and commented. He was abrupt and abrasive. Only when the wind suddenly came up and her fringe flapped in the air did he realize what a big mistake he had made. Tom felt awful. He had to apologize. All it took was a little apology and life for both Tom and April changed.

Beneath the Scars