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Marred Scarred Mine

After saving the defenseless lambs from near death Josh himself was caught in the fire. His bravery had left him marred and scarred. Marks which he felt he had to hide from prying eyes. He knew the chances of love and marriage had been destroyed. There was nothing good to look at.

Mitch had to start her life all over again. Independence had suddenly taken a funny turn. She now had a family to look after. Her own. The roles had been reversed. They were now her responsibility. The stress was almost unbearable but Mitch had to keep up appearances. Her new business started with a flourish but the farm didn’t seem to make much progress. Her father didn’t seem to feel the pressure and urgency to succeed.

After a while Josh felt as though he had been left out in the cold. What did the future hold for Josh and Mitch? Could they make things work or was life all about the farm, business and survival? Could Mitch manage to keep her head above water? Was there more to life than work?

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