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Off the Beaten Track

When the suburbs and the city lose their appeal, off the beaten track might have the appeal!

It wasn’t as though Ruth had always been a recluse, but it suited her in more ways than one. A tiny squabble turned out to be a life changer. With her fiancé marching off after pointing out her faults Ruth was faced with her short comings. The words resonated loudly in her head and affected her to the core. Leaving her with a complex. To add insult to injury she became ill and totally withdrew herself from the world.

Michael and Ruth were childhood sweethearts who had big plans for the future. Michael knew what he had said to Ruth the day he marched off was out of line, hurtful, and totally wrong. Verbally cutting her down and finding fault with everything. But without her he was lost. A feeling that seemed to worsen as the days went by.

Michael hoped for a second chance with Ruth. He needed to make amends and apologize. But she seemed to have vanished off of the face of the earth. Would he ever get the chance again or would he pine for the rest of his life?


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I thought this was pretty amazing and handy!  I am sure it will help just about every author I know.  Find the Free Amazon Book Description Generator Tool here.  If you are looking for easy tools definitely take a look at Dave Chesson’s awesome site.

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No one to turn to, and not a soul to lean on! LEAN ON ME #ASMSG #bridgittelesley #cozyreads #IARTG @BridgitteLesley

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Lean On Me 3D-Book-Template

Lean On Me

To everyone’s advantage, the end of the year became a focus for Kay. A time to celebrate Joshua’s life, and what he had meant to her.

Drugs, thugs, gangs, criminals and crime have one thing in common. Lots and lots of money! The money might be the attraction, but the adrenalin rush that travels through your veins when you are aware of the risks is a draw card, and could be part of the attraction. Joshua was caught up in the excitement of being in an elite syndicate. He realized the risks and the dangers, but the adrenalin rush drove him. Until he was no more.
As a personal assistant, Kay had a very responsible job. She managed both her job and home life without any problems. Finding out about Joshua’s involvement with drugs scared her. She had to manage it in her own way. There was no one to turn to, and not a soul to lean on.
To everyone’s advantage, the end of the year became a focus for Kay. A time to celebrate Joshua’s life, and what he had meant to her.
Meanwhile, behind the scenes, she made an effort to find Joshua’s murderer. With a little help from her friends.

Permanently Part Time is live!

permanently-part-time-31-12PERMANENTLY PART TIME

My success is your success.  And your success is my success!

When Patsy Golding decided to change her life she had no idea of the direction things would take.  Trapped in a marriage where she was treated as a possession, she needed to escape.  She realized she had married for all the wrong reasons.  Charles was not the husband she dreamt of.

Starting out as a Homeware representative to make money to stash, Patsy was soon on her way to taking her life back into her own hands.  What started out as a money spinner soon became her focus.

Success did have its drawbacks.  Patsy became the target of her mentor.  The person who taught her everything she knew about direct sales.  Riddled by jealousy, Hope took her frustrations out on Patsy in the oddest ways imaginable.

Permanently Part Time has everything you can think of!
Literary Fiction with zeal and zest!

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