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An Education!

An Education!
by Bridgitte Lesley

David and Amanda’s focus was to educate the children.  What they didn’t realize though was that life would happen!  There would be ups and downs and all the in-betweens.  Were they really ready for this project?  It would be an education!

David didn’t really know what he was getting himself into.  The children in the neighborhood needed a school and he had offered to have it built on his property.  He ran with the project but had to arrange for someone to run the school.  It took a lot of negotiating when he did find the right person.  That was the easy bit!

Amanda took a while to make her decision to run the school.  It took quite a bit of persuasion.  She had a fantastic job in the city but with everything that she had been through she thought it was time that she gave everything up and started again.  Her focus was to educate the children but at the same time it would be a brand new start.

Everything was perfect!  Amanda took over and schooling began.  Her whole life changed.  The children adored her.  The parents respected her.  She blended in as if she belonged.

She realized that David was jealous of the school.  Things turned ugly and nasty and after a heated argument with him she left.  Her life would change again!

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