After giving up everything that I cherished in life and starting again, I suddenly had time on my hands to do something that would keep my head clear and my creative juices flowing.  I turned to writing.  The more I wrote, the more the words flowed.  I was suddenly caught up in an addictive flow of words.  I had always wanted to write.  But I had never really thought that I could take the words and put them into a book.  I published my first book and had a sale.  Then I was hooked.  It had started.  And I couldn’t stop.  My books are all in the romance genre.  More towards a contemporary or rather modern category.  Because I don’t like that word ‘contemporary’.  And yes, what I write can definitely happen!  I like to think so.  I live in a very remote area between Port Shepstone and Hibberdene on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa.  A bit of a hermit, I know.  But that is what happens when you are way out in the middle of nowhere.  But then again, I have friends.  I have tucked them all away in my books.



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  1. Hello and thank you for following the coffee bean brain. You are about the 3rd blogger I’ve ‘virtually’ met from South Africa. I’m from the Philippines so that makes it awesome that we get to connect in the blogosphere. I’m looking forward to visiting your site soon. 🙂


  2. I caught your joie de vivre here on your page: Love the idea of tucking away friends in your books. After a career in academia, I am writing too: Memoir mostly to pass a legacy on to my children. Who knows, I may one day try romance. You make it sound so enchanting, Bridgitte. Thanks for the “follow” today. I look forward to more connections online.


    • So nice to have you pop in! I admire you writing your memoir. Now that takes courage! The closest I came to that was including a part of my Mum’s life in one of my novels. War, ox wagons and the days gone by. A little of her real life and a walk down memory lane that many will enjoy. But that is yet to come and is still in the pipeline.

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  3. The first thing you said had me intrigued. I’m not being nosy, but wondering why you gave up ‘everything you cherished’ sounds like one hell of a plot for a story!
    Thanks for the follow, by the way…


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