Business Is Business

Business Is Business 1

Business is business. Even if you have to take one ailing business and break it in to a few to make a profit then that is what must be done. That was exactly the way Roz thought. At times it was tough. But she was driven. She was a business woman through and through. She had no ties. And she could not sit still. She had a personal goal and she would push to achieve it.

Francois was happy with his life. His two sons and himself were rather happy the way they were. Until that Saturday morning when they met Roz. She was a ball of fun. At times hilarious but other times very serious. Francois and his family would come to know Roz and each and every one of her habits.

Roz let nothing and no one stand in her way. Francois soon realized that when he did try to stand in her way. But . . . business is business!

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