Love Struck

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Love Struck
Emma was new in town. She hadn’t decided to settle down but wanted to get a feel for the town and residents. Her goal was to buy a property and start her stud farm. She wouldn’t deviate from her plan.

Trent was a family man. His children and ranch came first. He didn’t socialize other than going down to the pub for a night out with the family.

Things changed when Trent met Emma for the first time. After a lengthy discussion on the back of a horse they both realized their paths were meant to cross.


Family Matters

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Family Matters
by BridgitteLesley

Ray couldn’t wait for his new housekeeper to arrive.  But when she did, it was a whole different matter!

Meryl was prepared to make the long trip to move from the busy bustling city to a ranch in the middle of nowhere.  A total career change was not only welcome but something she needed.  Life had thrown her a curve ball but she would bounce back.

Ray didn’t think he would get a response from his advert he had placed in a magazine for a housekeeper.  The one and only response he got was the person he appointed.

After days of travelling Meryl arrived at the ranch but minutes later she changed her mind and left.  Ray had to make quick work of calming the waters.  He didn’t want to let her go!  They seemed to have their wires crossed.  She returned to the ranch and flourished in her new role as Ray’s housekeeper.  Little did they know what the future held for them on the wide expanse they called home.