Books by Ruby Greene

House hunting on The Bluff in Durban delivered a lot more than a house!

Joyce drove through the streets looking at all the houses. It was something she did every weekend when she took her grandparents on an outing. Their chance meeting with Roy and his children made one of their outings even more special.

Roy was a married man with two children and the third on the way. He wasn’t happy but he faced every challenge life sent him.

Joyce bought the ideal home. What wasn’t ideal was that she had to put up with the noisy wife and children next door. She knew their circumstances weren’t stellar but she didn’t want to reach out or interfere.

The turning point came when the neighbor’s children landed up on her doorstep. She couldn’t turn them away.

Roy’s wife took matters into her own hands and everything changed. Joyce and Roy’s lives veered off in a totally different direction!

Prepare yourself for an interesting read with a lot of punchy dialogue. This is a family saga about a very strong woman. An independent woman dedicated to her family. 




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