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Muriel Gill was born and grew up in the small village of Taung in the North West Province of South Africa. Her current place of residence is in Pretoria.

Being proudly South African, Muriel enjoys watching documentaries and anything to do with wild life.




Ruby Greene‘s books are all short, natty little reads. 

Chris Forward was born in Altrincham, on the outskirts of Manchester, in the United Kingdom.  He spent his formative years in the English educational system of the late 1960’s early 1970’s. Barnsley in Yorkshire and Deal in Kent would provide an early platform for his school years.

His first experiences of watching Barnsley Football Club would lend him to support the club until this day, while experiencing copious amounts of grief from friends and family alike.

Spending two years at catering college and then another three as a chef at various hotels on the Kentish coastline, he went on to make an interesting career change by training as a croupier in the mid 1970’s. In between this he would spend one interesting summer season, working as a car hand, with the cross-channel hovercraft company, Seaspeed.

Twenty-six years in the gaming industry would lead him to spend time in the provincial casinos of southern England, Lesotho and the old South African state of the Transkei.

He currently works on a casual basis at the Wild Coast Casino, calling Bingo regularly on Thursday afternoons and hosting promotions for their slots department.

His hobbies include the game of lawn bowls, where he was honoured to be awarded South African Protea colours in 2006. Golf is another casual hobby, where he has been known to occasionally don a pirate patch!

Chris has been married to his wife Marie for thirty-four years and now resides in the small Natal coastal town of Port Edward, spending his time chasing literary success and playing his sporting passion of lawn bowls.


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