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Muriel Gill was born and grew up in the small village of Taung in the North West Province of South Africa. Her current place of residence is in Pretoria.

Being proudly South African, Muriel enjoys watching documentaries and anything to do with wild life.



 Ruby Greene‘s books are all short, natty little reads. 

Chris Forward was born in Altrincham, on the outskirts of Manchester, in the United Kingdom.  

He currently works on a casual basis at the Wild Coast Casino, calling Bingo regularly on Thursday afternoons and hosting promotions for their slots department.

His hobbies include the game of lawn bowls, where he was honoured to be awarded South African Protea colours in 2006. Golf is another casual hobby, where he has been known to occasionally don a pirate patch!

Chris has been married to his wife Marie for thirty-four years and now resides in the small Natal coastal town of Port Edward, spending his time chasing literary success and playing his sporting passion of lawn bowls.

Omri Hope was born in Pretoria, South Africa, but grew up in Kempton Park, where he still resides.

He studied fiction writing at SA’s Writer’s college and did a few other courses that would aid him in persevering throughout this project.

His hobbies include creating maps of fantastical places. And a love for documenting moments and bird watching.  He also enjoys Latin and Ballroom dancing!

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