Permanently Part Time

Imagine my surprise when I published Permanently Part Time and it became a best seller on Amazon on the first day!  If you are involved in direct sales you will love this!  If you had to make money, part time, what would you do?  Tupperware, Avon, Justine?  Well there are so many choices!  I hope you enjoy following Patsy and her venture into direct sales!

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Permanently Part Time
by Bridgitte Lesley

My success is your success. But most important of all, your success is my success!

When Patsy Golding decided to change her life she had no idea of the direction things would take. Trapped in a marriage where she was treated as a possession, she needed to escape. She realized she had married for all the wrong reasons. Charles was not the husband she dreamt of.

Starting out as a Homeware representative to make money to stash, Patsy was soon on her way to taking her life back into her own hands. What started out as a money spinner soon became her focus.

Success did have its drawbacks. Patsy became the target of her mentor. The person who taught her everything she knew about direct sales. Riddled by jealousy, Hope took her frustrations out on Patsy in the oddest ways imaginable.

Literary Fiction with zeal and zest!